Finca Los Congos - Washed Caturra

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Finca Los Congos - Washed Caturra

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Flavor Notes: Pear | Honeydew | Rose

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Jose Rene Paguaga started his own farm as a teen, growing and expanding until the civil war reached Nicaragua in 1979 and forced him to move his family to Honduras. The Paguagas lost their Nicaraguan farms, but by the time Jose was in his 70s, they were back in Nicaragua on new operations- starting from scratch. Today, three generations of Paguagas are involved in the production of this excellent coffee.

One of Insight’s closest Direct Relationships, Finca Los Congos is located in the San Fernando Mountains of the Nueva Segovia region. Most of the farm's rugged mountainous terrain has been left undisturbed in its natural state covered in a lush pine forest where its namesake monkeys and other native animals are able to roam free.

This exciting Nicaraguan features a juicy body, highlighting pear and honeydew sweetness with floral notes of rose.

PRODUCER: Finca Los Congos

REGION: Nueva Segovia



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