ROK Espresso Maker


ROK Espresso Maker


The ROK is a British-made, manual espresso brewer that utilizes a small plunger and two arms to achieve a considerable amount of pressure within the brewing chamber.  With a bit of trial and error, it will be quick and easy to start pulling cafe-quality shots at home.  The ROK includes a porta-filter and a scoop that doubles as your tamp for compacting the coffee bed.

As with any device driven by pressure, the ROK will yield a cup high in oils and solubles, accentuating the richer tones and dynamic textures of your coffee.   

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  • Coffee: ≈ 12g (1 heaping scoop, included with the ROK)
  • Filtered Water: 200°-205°F (≈ 60 seconds off-boil) filled 2/3 to top of the chamber
  • Grind: Very Fine (resembles white sugar)
  • Time: ≈ 1:00 total



  1. Grind a heaping scoop of coffee into the porta-filter
  2. Using the bottom of the scoop, compact the coffee and check for any cracks in the coffee bed before proceeding
  3. With the arms in the contracted position, lock the porta-filter tightly into the ROK
  4. Fill the chamber 2/3 full with water heated to 200°-205° (About 60 seconds off boil)
  5. Slowly raise the arms until the plunger is raised just above the water level in the chamber
  6. Allow the water to saturate the coffee bed for about 30 seconds before proceeding
  7. With considerable force, push the arms back down to the contracted position, which should take about 15-20 seconds
  8. Depending on your exact dose and grind size, you may have to repeat the plunging process -- this will further extract your coffee and depends on personal tastes
  9. To clean, set your ROK in a sink, remove and rinse the porta-filter, and, with the arms contracted, rinse any coffee off of the bottom of the chamber to prevent build-up