Grinding coffee breaks down the surface of the roasted coffee seeds and enables the extraction of compounds when combined with water. In general, the finer the grind size, the shorter amount of brew time needed and the coarser the grind size, the longer the coffee will need to brew. Each brewer works differently and will require different grind sizes. Burr grinders are recommended to achaive evenly ground particle sizes to ensure consistent extraction.

There are two main methods to separate coffee grounds from water. Deciding which method is best is a matter of personal preference.


Mesh Filters come in the form of screens, fabric or perforated metal. These filters allow small coffee particles and oils to flow through the brew. These filters produce a brew with a full, heavy texture with notable density and thickness.

Paper Filters are a solid surface that will not allow any coffeee particles through and will hold back most oils. They will produce brew that is clean in texture and light in mouthfeel.

Not all brewers offer filtration options and there are many that allow the use of mesh or paper.



Brew devices accentuate a coffee's inherent characteristics with varying textures and depth of flavor.


Defined by te act of pouring water over or through a bed of coffee. Fine but not powdery grind size paired with either a mesh or paper filter. Brew-time is directly related to the rate water is poured over coffee. In most cases a 2-3.5 minute extraction is optimal.


Full immersion is one of the most controllable and simple methods of brewing where coffee is fully immersed in water for the total length of the brew. Coarser grinds that maintain even particle size are optimal. Separation of the ground and water are often done with a mesh filter and some sort of plunge like action.


The addition of pressure to coffee brewing expedites extraction of the seed's soluble compounds. These brews often need less than one minute to extract. Fine, precisely-ground coffee usually compacted prior to brewing through a mesh filter giving the cup great viscosity and flavor intensity. 


No longer are the days where you can only enjoy great coffee at the shop. Our brewing class gives you the knowledge and power to brew great coffee anywhere on almost anything. 

Classes are held every 2nd Saturday from 12pm-2pm. 

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