Able Kone III Generation


Able Kone III Generation


The Kone by Able is a hand-machined, stainless-steel coffee filter crafted in the United States. It is compatible with a number of brewers including the Hario V60 and the larger Chemex. A fairly specific brewing technique is required to brew a balanced cup so pay close attention to the recipe and ask your local Insight barista for pointers! 

The Kone, like any metal filter, will allow the complex oils present in all coffees to pass through into the brew, offering a cup with a heavier body and more intense flavors, perfect for early mornings.

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  • Coffee: 28g (≈ 3.5tbs)
  • Filtered Water: 400g at 200°-205°F (≈ 60 seconds off-boil)
  • Grind: Medium fine (resembles fine sand)
  • Time: ≈3:30 total



  1. Warm the Kone and vessel with hot water
  2. Weigh 28 grams of wholeseed coffee
  3. Grind your coffee on a medium fine setting that resembles the consistency of fine sand


  1. With the gooseneck kettle, gently saturate the entire coffee bed with about 40 grams of water, starting a timer as soon as you begin to pour
  2. After this 30 second pre-infusion, begin pouring with a gentle, modest stream
  3. Start your pour directly in the center of the coffee bed. Do not move from the center of the coffee bed for the entirety of the pour The goal is to "inflate" the coffee bed, raising the bulk of the grounds to the top of the brew and extracting from the bottom. Try not to break up the “crust” of coffee that forms on top
  4. The 400th gram of water should be poured around 1:45 (this includes the time and water used for the pre-infusion)
  5. When brewing is finished, the coffee bed should leave a bowl shape in the bottom of the brewer
  6. Immediately wipe the metal filter clean to prevent build up of coffee oils
  7. Serve and enjoy!