Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper

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Bonavita Porcelain Immersion Dripper


The BonaVita Dripper is a full-immersion coffee brewer that allows us to steep coffee for a controlled amount of time, then strain rapidly by opening the rubber-sealed valve at the bottom of the brewer.  The device uses the Melitta #4 paper filter, found in the accessories sections of our online shops or at most grocery stores.  For a thicker body and heavier flavor, the metal Kone filter by Able may be used instead.

The BonaVita's full-immersion extraction will highlight the richer, deeper tones of the coffee you are brewing.  Savory, nutty, caramely flavors will be exaggerated.  The Melitta paper filter will retain fine particles, leaving a clean texture with full flavor, a unique quality when it comes to coffee brewers.

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  • Coffee: 28g (≈ 3.5tbs)
  • Filtered Water: 400g at 200°-205°F (≈ 60 seconds off-boil)
  • Grind: Medium Coarse (resembles cracked pepper)
  • Time: ≈ 4:00 total



  1. Warm the BonaVita and vessel with hot water.
  2. Wet the filter to prevent absorption.
  3. Weigh 28 grams of wholeseed coffee.
  4. Grind your coffee on a medium fine setting that resembles the consistency of fine sand.


  1. Double check that the valve on the bottom is fully closed before beginning your pour.
  2. Gently saturate the entire coffee bed with about 40 grams of water, starting a timer as soon as you begin to pour.
  3. After this 30 second pre-infusion, begin pouring with a full stream. Pour up to 400g as quickly as possible to begin full extraction.
  4. Put the included lid on the brewer to preserve heat. Let the coffee steep for 2:30 (includes the time used for the pre-infusion).
  5. At 2:30, open the brewer and wait for the coffee to drain.
  6. After draining, close the valve to stop drips, discard filter, rinse the brewer and enjoy!