Hario V60 01 Ceramic Dripper 1-2 Cup


Hario V60 01 Ceramic Dripper 1-2 Cup


The V60 dripper was engineered in Japan with complete controllability in mind.  The large opening on the bottom does not restrict the flow of coffee, allowing us to control the flow rate by grind size alone, while the spiraled ridges provide even airflow around the filter, eliminating unwanted agitation to the coffee bed.  The small V60 is a single ceramic unit that retains heat and is easy to clean.

The Hario V60 offers the home-brewer complete control of many variables.  This allows you to dial certain flavors up or down, so experiment with different grind sizes and flow rates to find a balance that suits your taste.  The Insight below recipe will highlight the complexities of a coffee that may be muted in other brewing devices.

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  • Coffee: 20g (≈ 2.5tbs)
  • Filtered Water: 280g at 200°-205°F (≈ 60 seconds off-boil)
  • Grind: Fine (resembles table salt)
  • Time: ≈2:30 total

You will need:


  1. Warm the brewer and vessel with hot water
  2. Wet the filter to prevent absorption
  3. Weigh 20 grams of wholeseed coffee
  4. Grind your coffee on a fine setting that resembles the consistency of table salt


  1. With the gooseneck kettle, gently saturate the entire coffee bed with about 40 grams of water, starting a timer as soon as you begin to pour
  2. After this 30 second pre-infusion, begin pouring with a gentle, modest stream
  3. Start your pour directly in the center of the coffee bed and move in spiraling circles either clockwise or counter-clockwise -- spiral out to the edge without pouring down the side of the filter, then back in to the center, targeting any clumps or darker areas
  4. Spiral in and out a few times, and the 280th gram of water should be poured around 1:30 (this includes the time and water used for the pre-infusion)
  5. The brewer should finish draining around 2:30, leaving the coffee bed in a bowl shape in the bottom of the brewer
  6. Pinch the top of the filter, discard and serve
  7. Clean the V60 like any other dish