Producer-Direct Relationships

Coffee is a plant that seasonally produces its fruit and we travel to work with the farmers during harvest. Connectivity is key to sustain quality in coffee from the farm to the roaster to the cup. The benefits are many and are shared by everyone creating these direct coffee relationships. We strive to raise awareness to the beautiful and labor intensive craft of production that helps make the end product taste so incredible. 

Coffee Producers benefit from working more directly with customers by receiving useful feedback about their production methods, facilities and flavor quality. This also better connects them with the market in which their coffees are enjoyed and helps include them in the shared appreciation given by the end consumers. 

Coffee Roasters that invest in working with the people that farm the coffees they buy are provided an abundance of information about the coffee market at origin. Better knowledge of coffee farming practices, production methods and quality control at the ground level helps roasters improve the quality and consistency of their offerings. We are also able to better appreciate the manual labor aspect of production driving a willingness to pay more while creating a healthier and more sustainable supply chain.

Consumers receive a higher-level of assurance of where their coffee comes from, who produces it and how is it produced. Every year they get to engage with the roasting company and learn about how the producers are doing and receive up to date information on their farm and their coffees.

Insight Coffee has established a “Producer-Direct” logo to identify offerings that we procure by working directly with the farmer of that coffee.