Insight Coffee Roasters is passionate about quality coffee and we seek partners as dedicated to their craft as we are to ours. We are committed to providing the necessary tools to allow others to achieve the same coffee excellence that we strive for in our cafes.  We offer our wholesale partners comprehensive coffee education, top-notch equipment, and first-rate mechanical support.


We provide comprehensive training for our wholesale partners. In addition to our complimentary public classes, we provide individualized educational development to help you serve your customers the same great coffee that you will find in our cafés.


We carry the most trusted brands in the industry. Every cafe, restaurant, or office has different needs and it's important to select the right equipment for each individual situation. We will gladly work with each new customer to make sure that they are choosing the proper tools to achieve their coffee goals.


Well-maintained equipment is one of the most overlooked components of a coffee program. We provide periodic equipment calibrations, and work with certified technicians to offer equipment maintenance services. As your wholesale coffee partner, we'll be there to keep your machines running and coffee flowing.

By taking advantage of all-inclusive services, you can be sure that you’re extracting the maximum benefit from partnering up with one of California’s fastest growing craft coffee roasters. If you are interested in learning more about how we can service your coffee needs, please fill out the Wholesale Contact form and let’s get started.