African coffees display an abundance of syrupy, bright, complex, and fruity cup qualities. These intense profiles can range from light, dry, and herbaceous to heavy fruit-forward flavors depending on the growing region and processing methods.

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian coffees are some of the most highly regarded coffees in the world. There are a number of growing regions including Yirge Cheffe, Sidamo, Harrar and Limmu. Washed processed Ethiopian coffeesa re vividly bright,fruity and floral with moderate body and staggering clarity. The delicate nuances of these coffees are sometimes described as tea-like. Natural processed Ethiopian coffees are syrupy, complex and intensely sweet. These are the coffees that often change people’s perception of what coffee is supposed to taste like with their wild and sweet fruit flavors and sweetness. With such diversity of processes and genetic varieties Ethiopia, as the origin of all other origins remains a fascinating microcosm all that coffee can be.

Kenya produces some of the most complex coffees in the world. Varieties unique to Kenya such as SL­28 and SL­34 are renowned for their big acidity, full body, savory nuances, and fruit forward sweetness. Coffee of this level only comes from a country with impeccable quality control and farmers who are highly educated in their craft. Because an auction system is used and Kenyan coffees are only sold to the highest bidder, competition is high. Farmers are constantly working to improve their product year after year to ensure the highest quality in order the attain the best price. Kenyan coffees can cost a pretty penny as a result, but the greatness in the cup is undeniable.